Collection: Peter Brown NEAC

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  • The BT Van and Westgate, Midday
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Peter Brown is a painter’s painter, and one we particularly wanted in our stable. His work, completed entirely on site, in all weathers, is mesmerising and spellbinding. This multi-faceted artist has painted just about every aspect of London, Edinburgh, Oxford and his home town of Bath, and has earned him the affectionate epithet “Pete the Street”. He has a prolific output, which is all the more extraordinary considering he is not a lone wolf grafting away in a lonely garret but is a family man with a brood of five children!  As an artist myself, I am in thrall of his ability to capture fleeting movement in bustling street scenes – buses, cars, taxis and pedestrians are placed in with apparent dextrous ease – all without the aide memoir of a camera, making his paintings teeming with life and a real joy to behold.  We are cock-a-hoop to bring Pete to, as yet, the uncharted territory of Rutland, where too few of his calibre are represented. The words genius, and great, are words that are often banded about with regards to artists, but in Peter Brown’s case, they are wholly appropriate because he is a true giant in painting terms.

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