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Fiona Carver is a painter from the Rutland/Leicestershire border. She trained at Edinburgh College of Art graduating with a BA (hons) in Furniture Design before becoming a London based picture framer and gallery manager.  Returning to Rutland in 2014 gave her the inspiration to start painting again and she now creates observational oil paintings from life, both ‘en plein air’ and in her studio.

Over the winter months she enjoys still life work, being drawn to the way the cool winter light hits the objects in her composition. She looks at shapes, colour and tone to create an impression of the scene.

When conditions are just right she paints outside, either in her local surroundings or further afield on painting trips to the coast.  She captures the light and weather, getting the brush marks down before it changes. Painting in sun, wind or rain, with moving subjects and changing light adds to the exhilaration of plein air painting, and all these challenges impact the finished work.

She has exhibited at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and been shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. In 2023 she won the British Contemporary Award at The Artist and Leisure Painter Exhibition. Her work has been included in a number of printmaking books and has appeared on the cover of Country Living Magazine

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