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Keith Hensby

Keith Hensby Image
Keith Hensby went to Lincoln School of Art and gained a national diploma in design and, following National Service, worked in the publicity department of Perkins Engines in Peterborough. He then moved to a Surrey-based advertising company where he served as art director and illustrator for several years before returning to Rutland where he continued as a freelance illustrator.

Living in the Rutland village of Barrowden, Keith has a range of different styles in his armoury, as you might expect of an illustrator - some akin to the old Railway Posters, and others much more literal and representational, with others in-between! There are artists in all counties of Britain, but very few possess the raw talent and innate 'knowing' of when things look 'right'. Keith has it, and although somewhat unsung as a gallery painter, he produces compelling work, well worthy of being thought of alongside some of the best in the country.

Keith paints in two water-based mediums - acrylic and gouache - and handles both with great dexterity, and his paintings speak for themselves.
Keith Hensby
Ironmonger Street, Stamford Image

Ironmonger Street, Stamford
Gouache (16 x 22 ins)

Harvest Time towards Lyndon Road Image

Harvest Time towards Lyndon Road
Gouache (15 x 18 ins) SOLD

In the Woods Image

In the Woods
Acrylic 15 x 21 ins SOLD

Norfolk Beach Image

Norfolk Beach
Gouache (15.5 x 21.5 ins)

Clematis Wall Image

Clematis Wall
Gouache (11.75 x 17.5 ins)

Graveyard Chickens Image

Graveyard Chickens
Gouache (14 x 18.25 ins) SOLD

Stamford Bridge Image

Stamford Bridge
Gouache (14 x 18 ins) SOLD

Out of Barrowden (Live Hill) Image

Out of Barrowden (Live Hill)
Gouache 15 x 21 ins SOLD

Heading to Barrowden (Live Hill) Image

Heading to Barrowden (Live Hill)
Acrylic (14 x 19.5 ins) SOLD

Scarecrow Image

Gouache (15.25 x 23.5 ins) SOLD

All Saint's Churchyard, Stamford Image

All Saint's Churchyard, Stamford
Acrylic 18 x 26 ins SOLD