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David Cowdry

David Cowdry Image
The moment I feasted my eyes on a David Cowdry masterpiece, I was immediately awestruck. In this instance, the huge painting was a magnificent depiction of an Otter diving underwater with air bubbles pluming from the animal’s fur, with dappled, sunlit rocks beneath, beautifully and superbly painted. This was not only the work of a naturalist who really understands how an animal lives in its environment, but also by someone who has the enviable ability to paint an extraordinarily life-like depiction of creatures that we rarely see. I sought out the artist and have been following him ever since.

He is also a superb writer about wildlife and his ramblings about the creatures in his paintings on Facebook and his Blog are excellent and are a wonderful read in their own right. He leaves you with no doubt that here is an expert naturalist as well as a gifted painter.

David has a rare talent, and although very humble about his skill, he is undoubtedly a towering force amongst wildlife painters, and we are immensely proud to be able to exhibit David’s truly magnificent paintings that will arrest your eyes.
David Cowdry
Truffling in the Silt, Common Carp Image

Truffling in the Silt, Common Carp
Oil on Canvas, 24 x 36 ins SOLD

Otter Searching a Sunlit Pool Image

Otter Searching a Sunlit Pool
Oil on Canvas, 20 x 47 ins SOLD

Cruising the Shallows, Mirror Carp Image

Cruising the Shallows, Mirror Carp
Oil on Canvas, 28 x 36 ins SOLD

Fledgling Tawnies Image

Fledgling Tawnies
Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20 ins SOLD