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Alex Tzavaras

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On seeing Alex's work, I was immediately blown away by his extraordinary talent. His ability to produce life-like paintings of figures, painted in a loose, direct way, is astounding.

After realising drawing and painting from life was not taught in UK art schools, Alex left without completing a degree. Without the means to study abroad Alex continued to practice while working full-time. Upon meeting renowned British portrait painter Nick Bashall, Alex finally found a teacher with knowledge that would enable him to make real progress.

In 2005 Alex began a period of intense study at Lavender Hill Studios in London, the UK’s first Atelier school, founded by Nick to teach the traditional methods used to train representational artists up until the 20th century. Noted for his dedication and ability Alex became the first of Nick’s students to be offered a teaching position, an opportunity which allowed him to leave full-time employment and dedicate himself to drawing and painting. Since then Alex has become recognised for his portraits, completing commissions for individuals and public institutions. Among other shows he has exhibited regularly with Royal Society of Portrait Painters. He continues to teach figurative painting at the Dulwich Art Group in South London.

We are absolutely thrilled to have Alex join our stable of artists - he is a superlative painter and his portraits of the human figure in both oils and charcoal, are simply unsurpassed.
Alex Tzavaras
Figure With Platinum Blonde Hair Image

Figure With Platinum Blonde Hair
Oil on Board, 16 x 12 ins

Raf Image

Charcoal on paper, 20 x 16 ins