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Richard Thorn SWAc

Richard Thorn SWAc Image
Richard spent his early years drawing which led naturally into painting in watercolour. After pursuing a career in music (after leaving art college) he returned to painting in his chosen medium. Since that time his watercolours have gone through many changes. Appreciation of colour, tone and composition have been his principal concerns. Light, texture and (spatial) distance are his chief interests, and these elements predominate his compositions and subject matter. As Richard says himself, "for me, painting is a continuum – an exploration. But with watercolour, it is the medium that seems to be forever ahead of you. Watercolour is the master, I am the student". Amen to that!

Richard is our newest recruit to PBFA's smaller stable, but what an impact he will make. His paintings absolutely glow with colour and have real impact. Wishy-washy is not a term one can use to describe Richard's glorious watercolours - they simply sing and zing with colour and life and are a joy to behold! Come in and see them in the flesh and appreciate how astounding his paintings are - you won't be disappointed!
Richard Thorn SWAc
Lake Sparkle Image

Lake Sparkle
Watercolour and Ink 11.5 x 15 ins

Barn near Pendeen Image

Barn near Pendeen
Watercolour and Ink 13.5 x 18 ins

Sea Cliffs near Pendeen Lighthouse Image

Sea Cliffs near Pendeen Lighthouse
Watercolour 13.5 x 18 ins

Dart Reflections Image

Dart Reflections
Watercolour 9 x 14.5 ins SOLD