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Carl Knibb

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Carl Knibb ARBSA lives and works in the beautiful city of Lichfield, Staffordshire. He is PBFA's newest recruit to our stable, and what a find he is! Hitherto unknown to us, Carl came to our attention whilst watching Sky TV's Landscape artist of the Year in 2018. Carl stood out head and shoulders above the rest, apart from our own Haidee Jo Summers, and won his heat to go through to the semi-final. It was immediately apparent that Carl was a very special painter indeed, and had an intuitive knowledge of how to handle paint and when things 'look right'. Even with the often eccentric and weird things the judges choose to go forward, they HAD to pick Carl, and lo and behold, they did - it would have been the biggest travesty of justice had he not been chosen!

Carl paints in a unique way, balancing reality with abstraction, and his brilliant portrayal of walking figures gives them the appearance of actually moving. He is equally proficient at painting landscapes with stunning light effects, as you will see when we have more of Carl's work in the gallery. Some painters just have 'it', and Carl most definitely has 'it' - his paintings abound with quite beautiful brushwork and really are a joy to behold. If any paintings can be described as works of art, his surely are just that - very special.

In 2017 Carl won the ‘Capture the Cathedral’ competition led by Lichfield Cathedral with his work entitled 'Pilgrims'. As part of the award, his work was hung alongside works by J M W Turner.

We have no doubt that Carl's work will become a big hit here and are absolutely thrilled to represent him!

Carl Knibb
In Passing Image

In Passing
Acrylic on Board 16 x 24 ins

Singular Image

Acrylic on Board 9 x 16 ins

Snow Flurry Image

Snow Flurry
Acrylic on Board 11.5 x 19.5 ins SOLD

Edge of Light Image

Edge of Light
Acrylic on Board 8.5 x 12  ins £575 SOLD

The Queue Image

The Queue
Acrylic on Board 10 x 19.5 ins SOLD

The Crossing Image

The Crossing
Oil on Board 16 x 24 ins SOLD

Long Shadows Image

Long Shadows
Oil on Canvas 11 x 14 ins SOLD

Incoming Rain Image

Incoming Rain
Oil on Board 8 x 16 ins SOLD