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Alex Kelly

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Alex was born in Ireland, as his surname suggests, and moved to England at an early age. Like myself, he had a keen interest in both art and science, and initially gained a degree in science at university, but then switched and gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University, specialising in sculpture. He went on to gain an HNC in Graphic Design and pursued a career in that genre.

Now, Alex has made a switch to alla prima oil painting, and what a switch! He has very quickly gained a rare skill, and his paintings possess a mesmerising, painterly quality, immediately catching our attention as someone to grab quickly, before other galleries do! As ever, it is the quality of light on a subject that inspires him, be it the obvious perfection of a flower, or the simple beauty of a landscape with an interesting light effect, or the human face with all its folds, as depicted in his self-portrait on the left!

Alex Kelly is undoubtedly a name to watch and his flower paintings are very noticeable and can be recognised immediately - very different to the standard flowers in a vase. Alex is very diligent in his study of the craft of painting and is already a superb technician, invariably using a palette knife to deftly describe and emphasise a focal point, or a sharp edge. We are thrilled to be the first major gallery to represent him!
Alex Kelly
Crimson Explosion Image

Crimson Explosion
Oil on Canvas 13 x 9 ins SOLD

In the Limelight Image

In the Limelight
Oil on Canvas 11.75 x 8 ins £650 SOLD