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James Green

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James Green was born in 1974, and hails from the market town of Whittlesey, near Peterborough, and he has undoubtedly been influenced by the town's famous artist son, Caesar Smith. James trained as a technical illustrator but by the time he left college in 1996 the industry had moved away from traditional drawing and on to computers. Not wishing to embrace this new medium James decided to turn to fine art and quickly gained a reputation as a superb hyperrealist artist.

His railway paintings have won him critical acclaim, especially among train enthusiasts in the Guild of Railway Artists (GRA). In 2016, James won the George Busby Award for best watercolour in the GRA's 2016 Summer Exhibition, and only narrowly missed winning the Picture of the Year Award as voted for by the public. James's background in illustration lends itself perfectly to this genre.

His preferred medium is water-based acrylic ink and gouache applied mainly with a small paint brush but he also employs an airbrush in his paintings and this unique mix of paint application gives his artwork that distinctive, hyperrealistic feel. James also paints the landscape and occasionally wildlife and he is equally proficient in these fields too.

We are proud to have James as an addition to our stable of artists, and there is no doubt his work has an impact on the viewer.
James Green
Pheasant Fight Image

Pheasant Fight
Acrylic inks and Watercolour 22 x 30 ins SOLD

Woodland Image

Acrylic inks and Watercolour 16 x 22 ins SOLD