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Andrew Tozer

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Andrew Tozer, born in 1974, is a proud Cornishman who has a deep love of his country, as reflected by the tremendous output of gloriously painted harbours and coves, mostly completed en plein air. Andrew trained at Falmouth School of Art and Design, then the University of Westminster and St Martin’s School of Art and Design, before returning home to paint the land he yearned for.

He feels a strong affinity with Cornwall’s ‘plein air’ painters of the past and the work of French artists such as Sisley and Monet. His paintings in oils and acrylics are undeniably impressionistic, but his work bears his own unique, contemporary style, with an immediacy and vigour to it, saying just enough to let the viewer fill in the blanks.

Andrew says he wants to be able to produce paintings that have authenticity about them. They most certainly do, distilling the breath-taking beauty of Cornwall, almost invariably depicting the bright Cornish sparkle of light on water, and often there are echoes of Van Gogh’s trademark swirly patterns of clouds in his skies. So many artists are drawn to paint Cornwall, but few manage to convey the essence of its iconic landscape in such a distinctive manner.

It’s a known fact that Andrew’s work is barely dry before being snapped-up by eager buyers, and we are delighted that we can welcome him aboard in land-locked Rutland!
Andrew Tozer
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