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David Curtis ROI RSMA

David Curtis ROI RSMA Image
David Curtis hardly needs any introduction. He is one of the country's finest and best known painters, and is a member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Royal Society of Marine Artists and has won numerous awards at both of their annual exhibitions at the Mall galleries, and at other prestigious exhibitions.

David is a great advocate of painting 'en plein air' (on site) and represents the gold standard of modern day 'real' painters, painting before the motif, and his work delineates the benchmark for similar artists to aspire to. His paintings are spellbinding and arresting to the eye, with a certain intangible quality to them. They sing with light, light being what all painters strive to capture, but very, very few manage to achieve in the seemingly effortless manner David does. He is equally at home with oils and watercolours, each medium requiring a very different discipline, but he is a true master of both techniques.

David is generous with his time, demonstrating at various events, and he has written numerous instructional books and has many DVDs to his name, all of which are available in the gallery. He has been a mentor to many artists, this gallery owner included, and when he talks, you listen, and when he paints, you wait eagerly for the incredible work he produces, and he somehow manages to get just that bit more out of a subject than anyone else.

We are indeed, therefore, very proud and extremely honoured to have David exhibit with us and his truly extraordinary paintings are always a feast for the eye to behold. Rejoice, and come and see the work of a painting genius in bucolic Rutland!
David Curtis ROI RSMA
Sea Fret Rising, Cornish Coast Image

Sea Fret Rising, Cornish Coast
Oil on Board, 10 x 12 ins

Moorings and Sea Cliffs, Staithes Image

Moorings and Sea Cliffs, Staithes
Oil on Board, 9 x 12 ins

Evening over Loch Maree Image

Evening over Loch Maree
Oil on Board, 7 x 10 ins

September Mist near Evesham Image

September Mist near Evesham
Watercolour 13 x 18 ins SOLD

Edge of the Lake, Sandbeck Image

Edge of the Lake, Sandbeck
Oil on Board, 16 x 16 ins SOLD

A Sunday Stroll, Scrooby Image

A Sunday Stroll, Scrooby
Oil on Board, 10 x 14 ins SOLD

Cattle Grazing near Ludham Norfolk Image

Cattle Grazing near Ludham Norfolk
Oil on Board, 8 x 12 ins SOLD