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Trevor Chamberlain was born in Hertford in 1933, the son of a painter and decorator. He began painting at the age of 7 and at 12 he enrolled at Ware Evening Institute in painting classes but essentially he taught himself to paint.

He spent the whole of 1974 teaching himself how to paint watercolours ("Through sheer perseverance and much experimenting, and careful study of past watercolour artists")

Trevor has traveled widely, painting many parts of the world and has won many awards, including the Lord Mayor of London's Award, six different awards at the ROI Exhibitions, the Chris Beetles Award at the RWS, and the Laing Painting Competition.

He has had two books on oil-painting published, entitled "Oils" (1993) and "Oil Painting, Pure and Simple" (1987), also a book on watercolour, entitled Trevor Chamberlain, a Personal View" (1999), plus a book titled "England and Beyond" (2006).

Trevor is a member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, the Royal Society of Marine Artists, past President of the Wapping Group of Artists and past President of Chelsea A.S.

Trevor is that rare animal who is a master of both the oil and watercolour mediums and achieves a beautiful fluidity in his paintings in both disciplines. He is not one to go around the country demonstrating to art groups, preferring to quietly go about his business, always painting directly in front of the subject wherever he is. He is perhaps the doyen of en plein air painting and is very highly respected and revered by his peers in the painting world, rightly so.

Trevor is the most senior artist in our stable, but his desire to paint is undiminished and the sheer quality of his work remains unsurpassed and we are thrilled to represent him in Rutland.
Trevor Chamberlain ROI RSMA
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