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Liz Balkwill

Liz Balkwill Image
Liz Balkwill graduated from Norwich School of Art in 1980. She has been working as a professional painter for the past 15 years, and is well known in Norfolk as a tutor and demonstrator. Always keen to develop her skills, Liz travels to the US regularly and has been fortunate study under some of the top American oil painters and pastel artists working today, namely: Daniel Greene, Nelson Shanks, Michael Grimaldi, Robert Liberace and Sally Strand.

She is a full member of the Armed Forces Art Society (AFAS), and exhibits regularly with the ROI, SWA and the Pastel Society at the Mall Galleries, London.

Liz is a superb painter of portraits and still-life, being equally proficient in both the Oil and Pastel mediums. She creates beautifully lit life-studies, and few can portray the subtle skin tones of the human form as well as Liz does. She combines these delicate portraits with more gritty depictions of the more senior members of society and has undertaken numerous formal commissions. Her still-life paintings zing with colour and stand out from the crowd in this genre too. We are especially pleased that Liz is exhibiting with us and her work provides a wonderful foil to the landscape paintings of most of our artists.
Liz Balkwill
Flagon of Cider Image

Flagon of Cider
Pastel 13 x 18.5 ins

Doughnut Image

Oil 6 x 8 ins

Jarred Off Image

Jarred Off
Oil 6 x 8 ins

Peeled, Sliced and Jarred Image

Peeled, Sliced and Jarred
Pastel 10 x 10 ins SOLD

Blackberries and Bramleys   Image

Blackberries and Bramleys  
Pastel 8.5 x 12 ins SOLD

Carafe with Honesty and Mushrooms Image

Carafe with Honesty and Mushrooms
Pastel 11.5 x 9.5 ins SOLD

Soak Image

Pastel 12 x 11 ins SOLD

Towel Dry Image

Towel Dry
Pastel 14 x 11 ins SOLD

Peonies in Jar Image

Peonies in Jar
Pastel 10 x 9 ins SOLD